We want to help startups create innovative products and services to address the real need of the markets in Iran.

TAC is startup accelerator and seed venture fund with a local focus and global vision, and an emphasis on diversity. Each selected startup receives an investment of up to USD 15k in return for a 15% equity stake.

We expect that a team should not be consist more than 4 people.
Startup founders then undergo an intense 12 weeks mentorship-driven, practical, entrepreneurship bootcamp under the close guidance of successful entrepreneurs, seasoned investors and domain experts.  The mentors are top tier talent from all around the world.  At TAC we are very heavy on the mentorship.  And we only work with the best mentors.

Get ready for some serious collaborative brainstorming, frequent push-backs and no nonsense been-there, done-that guidance.  At least 2 hours per week mentorship with each startups from our high-calibre mentors.

By the end of the program we expect participating startups to have developed early traction and be well positioned to raise their next round of funding.  At that point we facilitate introductions to regional and international angel investors and VCs from our extensive investment and business network.

TAC only receives funding from private-equity companies: