We focus on helping you discover the need in the market, create products that address those needs, establish product-market fit and gain traction quickly, in a 3 months, intense, super productive programme. During this programme we provide:

۱. Funding:

About enough funding to get you going. $12-15$K easily covers your early startup expenses during the program.

۲. Mentorship:

Experience matters. It’s not every day that you get access to successful entrepreneurs who have walked the walk and investors who have seen what works and what doesn’t. You will get professional mentorship from ICT leaders of Iran.

۳. Introduction and Exposure:

We help with access to key media outlets who can get the word out for your startup. Our mentors also open up their (often extensive) networks for you.  That means access to investors, potential customers, strategic partners, key hires.

What will you get from our programme?

An intensive 12-week programme designed to accelerate your start-up:

  1. Access to our platforms and technology
  2. World-class mentorship and coaching from industry experts
  3. Introductions to the credible investment and business networks
  4. Full use of our unique co-working facilities
  5. Early access to potential markets
  6. Learn how to find the real need in the markets and create products that matters to people
  7. Access to our shared business services (Legal, Finance, Accounting, HR, etc)
  8. The opportunity to pitch your idea at our prestigious demo day

There is more! An extensive package of perks and possibilities:

As well as getting unprecedented access to our platforms, network and knowledge base, successful applicants will also gain invaluable insights from some of the smartest minds in the startup worlds.

  • Investment from our partners and shareholders
  • Access to Iran ICT key decision makers
  • Office hours with seasoned and successful entrepreneurs
  • Work in a beautifully designed co-working space in the heart of Iran
  • Become part of the TAC’s alumni network for life

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